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It's a skull obviously

Welcome to Dave’s Halloween Page

This page has pictures of Halloween props that I built. Every year I turn our house into a Haunted Paradise, and our newest 2009 props are: Rocking Chair Man, and the pneumatic barrel pop-up prop. They are going to scare those kids away.

Some pictures of our Halloween Props

Halloween 2011:


Click on the samller images to enlarge. I decided this year that the organ, even though it comes apart, is heavy and bulky and I was not getting the not getting enough feedback from the trick-r-treaters. So instead I went with a Infested with Spiders theme for the porch.


Click on the smaller images to enlarge. This year I decided I would post some pictures of the inside decorations. (Not just the porch and the hallway.) Kira showing off the pirate treasure chest. It has a fake bottom so that only the top 5 inches hold the treasure, and notice the recycled lamp vases.


The top picture is the witch’s setup, features a Spell book; made from old dictionary, and a set of homemade potion bottles. Not to forget her magic crystal ball, and that homemade netting covers the wall, part of the ceiling, and the tabletop. (Gives it a woods-like look.) The last picture is called Dinner for Two, and has shows a bowl of ‘Finger Food’ and a bowl of ‘Eye Candy’, a bowl of roaches, and a Flickering candlestick.


This is one of the props I never really got to use, the frankenstein machine. All of the the meters and indicator lights all light up. They do not have any working function, and the giant switch turns on two long light bulbs on top. The idea came from Frankenstein when they flipped the switch and Frankenstein came alive. It’s purpose was to be connected to a tall aparatus that was hovering over a chair with a person under it. There was coils of wire attached to 4 base posts, again its purpose was nothing, just a show piece. When the switch was turned on the man in the chair would come alive screaming and charge at the guests.


Halloween 2010:


Click on the smaller images to enlarge them. This year we tried something new, we used blue and red LED spot lights to give a color glow effect. In this picture you can see the high contrast with the blue and red on the walls, with the flickering lantern in focus.

Also new to 2010, the Rocking Chair Man, or the Headless Headbanger, is a basic patio chair that rocks back and forth. It is controlled by a wiper motor that runs off a pc power supply. It is the same type of motor that controls the Evil Organist. Notice my favorite skull posts.

Hanhing Bat Prop hovers over the Evil Organist.


Halloween 2009:

Details of the Organ

The pictures above show the details of my organ. The organ was built in 2007, and in 2008 it was taken apart and rebuilt with nuts and bolts, because it was too bulky. The pipes are made of heavy 2′ PVC, spray painted grey, and the cuts were all done by hand. The pipes are movable. The keys are made of thin plywood painted off-white and black and glued to a plywood surface. The organ is built from plywood, and the music notes are hand painted red.

Halloween Porch

Evil Organist while not being the newest prop, he rocks back and forth giving him the appearance that he is playing the organ. Erie organ music played in the background. He is motorized and rocks back and forth, (the motor was not yet added in this picture.)


Halloween Prop Pics 2006-08

Halloween Candleabra

 Halloween “Lightning Bolt” design, was built in 2006. The bulbs Actually flicker.

Hanging Skulls

Hanging HeadsHalloween Hanging Halloween Heads and Skulls, shrunken and full-sized. As Shown in the first picture, weird homemade railing cover which is made of black and green torn fabric; gives a swampy-woods effect. The head spins by a motor.

Not participating in Halloween is Unacceptable.


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