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Dave’s Christmas Page

Our 2011 Christmas (Click a small picture to enlarge it)

We had had three trees this year in the apartment, although the third never got a picture taken, here are the other two.

Our 2010 Christmas Tree:

100% led, even the topper has a replacement led c7 bulb. Has a vintage tree topper.

C9 LED lights on railing Very Realistic looking

Outside Our House 2010:

Notice a pattern in these outdoor pictures. We don’t decorate too much outside thanks to vandals, that’s why it is about 14ft from the tip of my hand to the ground. There might have been 90 lights in this picture (three 25 sets, and one 15 set).

All of us standing under the completed tree. Sorry for the horrible quality.

Outside Our House 2009:

We added one 25 set to the Big Tree, instead of keeping them in the windows. These pictures were taken after our first snow storm. (Dec. 5, 2009) A total of 75 C9 lights on this tree.

The bush had 30 C7 lights.

The top porch has 30 c9 lights around the roof.

New Blue LEDs light up the hallway, snowmen dangle between the LEDs.

Outside Our House 2008:

Some of the lights have a random twinkling effect.

c9 Lights on the Roof, and in the bottom porch.

As well as c9 lights in the tree. This picture was taken after a huge rain storm, ice-covered the branches and gave a cool effect to the lights.

We use c7 lights on the pine bush.

2008 Christmas Tree:

 Our favorite color is blue, hence the blue tree. It has randomly placed c9 Globes.


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