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Dave’s Building Shop

My Electronic Lab

Dave's Work Shop 2013

I use this room for soldering, repairing, and modifying electronics. Although my degree was focused more on PC repair, I still do custom soldering projects. The table and chairs were about $60 for the set, and for the work bench I bought $13.50 worth of discounted lumber scrap. I can also watch the security camera feed while I work.


Please note: I try to recycle as much as possible. Although this is not a ‘How-To’ website, I feel it is necessary for you to read the disclaimer at the end of https://davesweb.wordpress.com/about/.

You can show me your “prop shop” by sending me a link HERE.

Dave’s prop pages: Dave’s Halloween Page.


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Are you interstate in selling the Frankenstein prop?

Comment by Sally Pressley

Sorry for the late reply, been working. Unfortunately that prop was redesigned and is one of my prize possessions. I will post a picture of the new one, but sadly not for sale.

Comment by davesweb

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