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Get off your FAT ASS and Exercise
April 15, 2012, 3:43 am
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Back in Middle School and part of High School, I was overweight. People always poked and teased me, but I just ignored it. It was around 10th grade when I noticed that I was a great deal heavier than I wanted to be. I stopped eating cereal by the handfuls, and began riding my bike everyday, even naming my own route. I also grew taller, which helped re-shape my body. I decided that my middle school weight of 170 pounds would be the goal. Since I started that goal nearly 5 years ago, I have lost 15 pounds, and can fit into small-sized clothes. I also feel lighter, I am skinnier, have more energy, and I am no longer teased.

You might ask:

Q: Did you have to cut your diet?


  • Yes and No. I find myself buying the diet brands, such as Miracle Whip, and light salad dressing. I can still have random eating binges; eating a pound of cheese or fatty foods, but in extreme moderation. I can drink a two-liter bottle of Mountain Dew everyday, and not become a fat disgusting slob.
  • Fast Food: I try to limit myself one time per week, mostly it is one time per month. Anything more and I feel gross.

Q: How much do you exercise?


  • My job is the best exercise, they pay me to lift heavy things and do strenuous activities.
  • I try to ride my bike everyday, but lately its been cold and raining. On those days I use exercise equipment in the basement.

So please GET OFF YOUR FAT ASS AND EXERCISE, and don’t complain about your weight if you refuse to buy light and diet types of products and visit fast food joints more than the employee who work there do. Also so wearing such tight clothes, that is gross, buy a larger clothes size or stay home. Get a Gym membership, even start walking 30 minutes each day, you can even buy the equipment to use in the comfort of your own home.

You might say I am being harsh, THEN FINE I AM. I was given the message from someone else, and I took their advice and got in shape. I want you to do the same. I like how people for some reason when asked what they drink respond with diet soda, why can’t you just drink water, you are obviously too fat for soda. Instead of crying over this or going home to eat away your fat shame, do something about it, the time to change is now.


When to Pull Your POS Car off Life Support
November 23, 2011, 7:59 am
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Yes the Piece of Shit car that drains your pocket change, Continue reading

I hate drivers that… Oct. 2010
October 12, 2010, 5:07 am
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These are the small things that can really frustrate me that drivers do.

  1. Going slow while climbing a steep hill; my 1996 car does not like that.
  2. Shooting across my line to get to the exit ramp
  3. Cutting me off and going slow
  4. Following the speed limit; I always go at least 5 mph more than the speed limit.
  5. Stopping at intersections with no signs posted
  6. Not paying attention due to cell phones
  7. Blocking side streets: this is illegal in NY
  8. Horrible parking jobs
  9. People who tailgate; why do you get so close? One of these times I am just gonna slam on my brakes!
  10. Obsessively loud music at 12 am.
  11. Coming to a complete stop at a traffic circle for no reason; yield not stop.
  12. People who merge at the last second
  13. People who slow down when they see a police car

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Since www.Wordpress.com does not allow free video uploads, and since I am cheap, I have started to upload my videos to www.youtube.com. My channel page is http://www.youtube.com/user/davejames17 . Don’t forget to comment, rate and subscribe. I have plenty more videos to upload, keep a watch for more vids.

Basement Flooding Caused by sloppy snowy-rain shit Feb 26, 2010
March 2, 2010, 5:56 pm
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It was 2am when we heard a sound of water, so I went into the basement. There was water on the floor, so I opened the trap door, and found water gushing out from a hole in the wall. It looked like a fountain. Luckily the majority of the water had drained through various holes in the trap door’s floor (under the steps). It took me 30 minutes to clear out all the junk in the way. The basement has a nice cement floor, that mostly stays dry. Another leak started this winter from the walkway near the foundation. The cement sidewalk that follows the side of the house had cracks and was separating. With an increase of snow and rain this winter, the drain-off from the roof seeped into those cracks. Because we live on a hill, we are not used to floods. Nothing was damaged, but unfortunately everyone in the house is allergic to mold and dust. Use use a wet dry vacuum to clean up, and fans to dry the rest up.

Damn weather!

Random Review: Samsung SC-MX10 Digital Camcorder
February 26, 2010, 8:03 pm
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As you might have read in a previous post, I have two Samsung digital camcorders. They are both the same model, and record onto SD memory card. These are $300+ the one was a gift, and the other I bought for $55 used; looks new. This is my review or I guess reviews (since there is two of them.)

Overall: These camcorders are no longer being sold, but you can still get them used or online. It has good picture quality; a good camcorder for uploading to www.youtube.com. Uses digital zoom compared to optical zoom,  this is more clear. Battery life of ~120 to 175 minutes. I got 4 hours of recording off of a 4GB SD card. Memory cards hold much more than tapes. No night vision or night capture, although there is a dark feature that brightens the picture (that only helps when there is light.) Nice swivel handle; for multiple recording angles. Has a great LCD screen with that rotates for recording yourself. Batteries go bad after a few years =(  brand name replacements cost ~ $40, generic battery packs cost ~ $13. ‘Lens cap on string’ is ridiculous, gets in the way, leaves shadows. This camcorder is for video recording only, not still image capable. After great recording, I bought a second. Generic batteries from ebay work fine.


  • Swivel LCD widescreen
  • Video quality
  • Battery life
  • Recording capacity on SD cards
  • Size of SD cards
  • Swivel handle
  • Digital zoom
  • Stereo recording
  • YouTube friendly
  • Image stabilizer


  • Stupid Lens cap
  • No night vision
  • Cost of customer service — do ‘Redneck Repairs
  • Charge time
  • Original Store Price — Luckily it was a gift

Random Review: Engergizer 15 Minute AA-AAA Battery Charger

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