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When to Pull Your POS Car off Life Support
November 23, 2011, 7:59 am
Filed under: Clearing up Things

Yes the Piece of Shit car that drains your pocket change, leaks fluids on driveways. Has leaks around doors allowing puddles to form on the floors. Totally basic features; who needs Power windows or doors and who needs a CD player when you have a jammed cassette player, with crappy radio signal? Having to drive everywhere with limited horsepower, and dim lights forcing you to drive with your high beams on.

I have that problem now, join the party, go buy a car that is almost as old or older than you are. Then¬†slowly deposit money into repairing cheap Japanese auto parts, with other crappy¬†Japanese parts. Soon you will no longer be able to afford to repair the car anymore, so you will start fixing it yourself. Duct tape, coat hanger, garden hose, hose clamps, plumbers’ putty, etc… At high speeds things will rattle, and the radio will no longer be able to cover the racket of your car.

You will get pulled over for loud exhaust, and be warned for your burnt out headlight. Get ticketed for your high-speed and try to convince the officer that the officer should be proud that your POS car was able to go that fast. Or get pulled over for loud music, and your excuse was that you could not hear the music over the noises of your car, or that your car is cheap and has little sound-prooffing…..why am I going into so much detail? Why are you reading this?


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