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I hate drivers that… Oct. 2010
October 12, 2010, 5:07 am
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These are the small things that can really frustrate me that drivers do.

  1. Going slow while climbing a steep hill; my 1996 car does not like that.
  2. Shooting across my line to get to the exit ramp
  3. Cutting me off and going slow
  4. Following the speed limit; I always go at least 5 mph more than the speed limit.
  5. Stopping at intersections with no signs posted
  6. Not paying attention due to cell phones
  7. Blocking side streets: this is illegal in NY
  8. Horrible parking jobs
  9. People who tailgate; why do you get so close? One of these times I am just gonna slam on my brakes!
  10. Obsessively loud music at 12 am.
  11. Coming to a complete stop at a traffic circle for no reason; yield not stop.
  12. People who merge at the last second
  13. People who slow down when they see a police car

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