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Basement Flooding Caused by sloppy snowy-rain shit Feb 26, 2010
March 2, 2010, 5:56 pm
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It was 2am when we heard a sound of water, so I went into the basement. There was water on the floor, so I opened the trap door, and found water gushing out from a hole in the wall. It looked like a fountain. Luckily the majority of the water had drained through various holes in the trap door’s floor (under the steps). It took me 30 minutes to clear out all the junk in the way. The basement has a nice cement floor, that mostly stays dry. Another leak started this winter from the walkway near the foundation. The cement sidewalk that follows the side of the house had cracks and was separating. With an increase of snow and rain this winter, the drain-off from the roof seeped into those cracks. Because we live on a hill, we are not used to floods. Nothing was damaged, but unfortunately everyone in the house is allergic to mold and dust. Use use a wet dry vacuum to clean up, and fans to dry the rest up.

Damn weather!


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