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Random Review: Samsung SC-MX10 Digital Camcorder
February 26, 2010, 8:03 pm
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As you might have read in a previous post, I have two Samsung digital camcorders. They are both the same model, and record onto SD memory card. These are $300+ the one was a gift, and the other I bought for $55 used; looks new. This is my review or I guess reviews (since there is two of them.)

Overall: These camcorders are no longer being sold, but you can still get them used or online. It has good picture quality; a good camcorder for uploading to www.youtube.com. Uses digital zoom compared to optical zoom,  this is more clear. Battery life of ~120 to 175 minutes. I got 4 hours of recording off of a 4GB SD card. Memory cards hold much more than tapes. No night vision or night capture, although there is a dark feature that brightens the picture (that only helps when there is light.) Nice swivel handle; for multiple recording angles. Has a great LCD screen with that rotates for recording yourself. Batteries go bad after a few years =(  brand name replacements cost ~ $40, generic battery packs cost ~ $13. ‘Lens cap on string’ is ridiculous, gets in the way, leaves shadows. This camcorder is for video recording only, not still image capable. After great recording, I bought a second. Generic batteries from ebay work fine.


  • Swivel LCD widescreen
  • Video quality
  • Battery life
  • Recording capacity on SD cards
  • Size of SD cards
  • Swivel handle
  • Digital zoom
  • Stereo recording
  • YouTube friendly
  • Image stabilizer


  • Stupid Lens cap
  • No night vision
  • Cost of customer service — do ‘Redneck Repairs
  • Charge time
  • Original Store Price — Luckily it was a gift

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