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Random Review: Engergizer 15 Minute AA-AAA Battery Charger

Random Review: Engergizer 15 Minute AA-AAA Battery Charger

I bought this cheap when it first came out, it was about $25. I think the price is around $39  now. Anyway, this is my review for the product.

Overview:  This is a great item to have if you no longer want to wait hours using your old battery charger. I had a charger that took 3 hours to charge, what a waste of time and power. It is very powerful, and it comes with an adapter to plug into your car so you can charge on the go. haven’t used that yet. The nice thing is that it can charge 1 to 4 batteries at once, any mix of AA or AAA. The only problem I found with that is if the batteries are of mixed brands, it will think the batteries are bad, and will not charge them. It also has a fan to cool down the scorching hot batteries. The fan is on the bottom and with low clearance, it is easy to clog the fan. The huge power adapter is rated for 4 amps, and does not fit in some plug locations. Very portable; fits in pocket or briefcase. For the first few uses, it gives off a strong electronic odor when in use. Overall I think it was well worth $25, plus it came with 2 AA and 2 AAA.


  1. Lightweight/portable
  2. Charge in car or home
  3. Free batteries included
  4. Cooling Fan
  5. Charge Time
  6. Charges 1 to 4 batteries


  1. Electronic ‘Lead’ Odor
  2. Fan location
  3. Fan Noise
  4. Size of adapter

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