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Three Racehorses
February 20, 2010, 6:49 pm
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Three racehorses were sitting in a bar bragging to each other about their life accomplishments. The first horse boasts, “I’ve been in 59 races and I’ve won 35 of them.”

“That’s nothing,” said the second horse, “I’ve raced 97 times and won 73 of them.”

The third horse joins in, “Well, I’ve raced 120 times and have won 102 times.”

Just then, the horses hear a voice say, “I’ve got you all beat!” The horses look down and see a greyhound.

“I’ve raced over 200 times, and I have never lost!” The horses look at the greyhound in amazement.

One of the horses says, “How about that? A talking dog!”


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