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Clearing Up Toliet Water Issue (Not Joke)
March 27, 2009, 2:36 am
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Someone also brought this to my attention. A lot of people are questioning why we use fresh filtered water to flush our toilets with. I examined why we should not use dirty water, I will discuss the obvious as well as the future effects of using dirty or “Used” water.

First, the cost. If your toilets used dirty water instead of clean water, your house and the street you live on would have to install a new plumbing for the water to run through, also you would need to have your walls torn apart to install the plumbing. This will cost you and your city money that probably does not exist.

Secondly, the smell. Every time you flush the toilet, someone elses’ waste would fill your toilet. And I believe that you flush the toilet to get rid of the waste, not fill it up with waste again… that would be a waste. So, whenever you take a dump, there’s the possibility of getting splashed with someone elses’ waste water. Also if the toilet brakes or leaks, smelly water could rush through-out your house. Not to mention your bathroom would always smell like a shit dump, since the dirty water just sits in the toilet.

In my conclusion, I would suggest staying with the current plumbing. Building the water delivery system would use a lot of plumbing, and money. Also there is always the problem with the new pipes getting clogged with stools and shit paper. The smell would just be overwelming. Post your views on this topic below.


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